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September 2, 2008

Social bookmarking and tagging

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This area was one of the few I had any experience in before starting the course. I have used delicious for quite a few months now and love it. Delicious seems to make many applications redundant which has to be good news for the user. As I flit between PC here at work and PC and Mac it was often frustrating to try and remember URL addresses and lose bookmarks saved to the web browser, not to mention the ragged pieces of paper I dragged around with trying to decipher the faded scrawl. Now of course I have easy access to all my websites on any machine. I also really like stumbling across new websites through other people’s interests, a great feature which throws up some interesting avenues to explore.



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I have been a little lax of late with my blog entries. Hopefully I will be slightly more diligent in future!

The word wiki always reminds me of wookie and giant brown walking hairy star wars charachters spring to mind. Anyway, after setting up a wetpaint account I created a wiki. I must admit I was pretty non-plussed. The vast array of advertising and flashing epileptic inducing pixels is enough to send one crazy. I can see the potential for group collaboration though. Probably a bit of a miss for me. Perhaps more of a structured task would have been useful.

August 5, 2008

Power of Blogs

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Posting text is really simple, having something meaningful to say which people will want to read and find useful is a different matter.

My first real experience of blogs came through reading personal pages. They can also be an amazing source of technical information and expertise which an enthusiast shares with the world, without blogs the rest of us would be left in the dark! I currently contribute new book lists to the Maths and Physics blog , although I create the lists using Word and then someone else posts the information on the blog.

Blogs are a really useful (and free) tool to share and update information with others quickly, easily, informally. They allow freedom to skirt around the somewhat rigid rules which can exist in the wider world. Definitely positive applications a-go-go!

August 1, 2008

Late entry

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I have joined the learning 2.0 programme a little late. However, after the interest sparked around the office and the preparation for the course which I have been privy to I decided to jump in! So far I have had a quick play with MSN messaging (I have used a Mac equivalent but was frustrated with my finger tapping skills, my fingers couldn’t keep up with my brain). I can definitely see the potential of MSN or equivalent from a library point of view especially with regard to help desk work and rapid question/dialogue between customer and librarian. Nothing beats personal interaction either via phone or staring across a desk where body language becomes a whole new form of communication. When this is not possible instant (as quickly as one can type!) messaging is a useful alternative/option.

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